How to Use aaExpandableView

The aaExpandableView plugin allows you to easily create expandable sections within your views. Follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Install and Activate the Plugin

  1. Download the aaExpandableView plugin from the GitHub repository.
  2. Upload the plugin to your WordPress installation and activate it.

Step 2: Add aaExpandableView to Your View

To add an expandable view to your page, use the following shortcode:


By default, the expandable view will display a simple text content. To customize the content, see the next step.

Step 3: Customize Content

To add custom content within the expandable view, use the [aaexpandablecontent] shortcode followed by your desired content. For example:

[aaexpandablecontent]This is my custom content[/aaexpandablecontent]

aaExpandableView Attributes

The aaExpandableView plugin supports several attributes for customization. Use them within the [aaexpandableview] shortcode as shown below:

[aaexpandableview attribute1='value1' attribute2='value2']

Attribute 1: Title

Attribute: title
Default: ‘Expandable Section’
Description: Sets the title of the expandable section. Example:

[aaexpandableview title='My Expandable Section']

Attribute 2: Content Height

Attribute: content-height
Default: ‘200px’
Description: Sets the height of the expandable section’s content. Example:

[aaexpandableview content-height='300px']

Attribute 3: Background Color

Attribute: background-color
Default: ‘#f5f5f5’
Description: Sets the background color of the expandable section. Example:

[aaexpandableview background-color='#ffffff']

Attribute 4: Font Color

Attribute: font-color
Default: ‘#000000’
Description: Sets the font color of the expandable section’s content. Example:

[aaexpandableview font-color='#333333']

Attribute 5: Border Radius

Attribute: border-radius
Default: ‘5px’
Description: Sets the border radius of the expandable section’s container. Example:

[aaexpandableview border-radius='10px']


Here is an example of how to use the aaExpandableView plugin:

[aaexpandableview title='My Custom View' content-height='400px' background-color='#f9f9f9' font-color='#666666' border-radius='8px']

Custom Heading

This is my custom content within the expandable section.

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3



  • Version 1.0: Initial release


If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please visit the GitHub repository for support.