Welcome to the documentation for the AACameraView framework!

About AACameraView

AACameraView is a lightweight and easy-to-use camera view framework for iOS applications. It provides a customizable camera view that allows users to capture photos and videos.


To install AACameraView in your project, you can use CocoaPods. Simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'AACameraView'

Then, run the command pod install in the terminal.


To use AACameraView in your application, follow these steps:

  • Import the AACameraView module in your desired class.
  • Create an instance of AACameraView.
  • Set any desired properties for customization.
  • Add AACameraView as a subview in your view hierarchy.
  • Implement the delegate methods to handle captured media.


Here are some important properties available in AACameraView:

  • cameraPosition (String): Sets the position of the camera, either “front” or “back”.
  • flashMode (String): Sets the flash mode, either “auto”, “on” or “off”.
  • allowPhotoCapture (Bool): Determines whether the capture button for photos is enabled or not.
  • allowVideoCapture (Bool): Determines whether the capture button for videos is enabled or not.

Delegate Methods

AACameraView provides the following delegate methods to handle captured media:

  • func cameraView(_ cameraView: AACameraView, didCapturePhoto photo: UIImage) – Called when a photo is captured.
  • func cameraView(_ cameraView: AACameraView, didStartRecordingVideoAt url: URL) – Called when video recording starts.
  • func cameraView(_ cameraView: AACameraView, didFinishRecordingVideoAt url: URL) – Called when video recording finishes.
  • func cameraView(_ cameraView: AACameraView, didFailWithError error: Error) – Called when an error occurs during capture.


Here is an example of how to use AACameraView in your application:

import UIKit
import AACameraView

class MyCameraViewController: UIViewController, AACameraViewDelegate {

    private var cameraView: AACameraView!

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        cameraView = AACameraView(frame: view.bounds)
        cameraView.delegate = self
        cameraView.cameraPosition = "back"
        cameraView.flashMode = "auto"
        cameraView.allowPhotoCapture = true
        cameraView.allowVideoCapture = true
    // Implement delegate methods here


AACameraView provides a simple and customizable camera view for iOS applications. By following the installation and usage steps outlined in this documentation, you can easily integrate AACameraView into your project and start capturing photos and videos with ease.