Welcome to XCFit Documentation Page

XCFit enables the seamless integration of Fitnesse into iOS, watchOS, and tvOS application development. It helps developers to bridge the gap between business language and Swift code by enabling native BDD for iOS and macOS apps using the powerful Swift language. On this page, you can find comprehensive documentation, installation options, usage examples, FAQs, version history, and other helpful tools.

Installation Options

To utilize XCFit in your projects, follow the detailed installation instructions provided:

  • Homebrew
  • CocoaPods
  • Ruby Gems
  • Manual Installation

Usage Guide

To get the most out of XCFit, make sure you understand how to use it effectively.

  • Creating Automation Scenarios
  • Building UI Test Steps
  • Running Acceptance Tests in Continuous Integration
  • Generating Living Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get answers to most common questions about using XCFit:

  • How to integrate XCFit with existing projects?
  • What is the Ideal way to structure Fitnesse pages?
  • How to speed up Fitnesse test execution?
  • Can I use XCFit for non-UI testing?

Version History

Keep up with the latest changes and improvements in XCFit:

[Version Number]

[Version Details]

Please repeat this block for each version release.

Contact Information

For additional help or queries about XCFit, reach out to us at [Contact Information]. We also encourage you to contribute to our active Github repository and become a part of our development community.