The Talkable Xamarin SDK allows developers to integrate Talkable referral and campaign features into their Xamarin apps. Using this SDK, developers can easily track and incentivize referrals, create and manage campaigns, and access various other referral program features.


To install the Talkable Xamarin SDK, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your Xamarin project in a suitable IDE.
  2. Add the Talkable NuGet package to your project.
  3. Configure the Talkable SDK with your Talkable API Key.
  4. Initialize the Talkable SDK in your app’s code.
  5. You are now ready to use the Talkable features in your Xamarin app.


Once you have installed the Talkable Xamarin SDK, you can start using its features in your app. Below are some common tasks and how to perform them:

Tracking Referrals

To track referrals in your Xamarin app, you need to use the TrackEvent method of the Talkable SDK. This method allows you to capture referral events and send them to the Talkable servers for tracking. Example usage:


Replace “referral_event_name” with the actual event name that you want to track. This could be signups, purchases, or any other event relevant to your referral program.

Creating and Managing Campaigns

Talkable SDK provides methods to create and manage campaigns within your Xamarin app. You can use the SDK to create campaigns, customize their appearance, and control various other settings. Example usage:


The above code creates a new campaign with the specified campaign ID. You can then customize the campaign’s appearance using the appropriate methods provided by the SDK.

Documentation and Support

For detailed documentation and support on using the Talkable Xamarin SDK, refer to the following resources:

  • Official Talkable Developer Documentation
  • Talkable SDK GitHub Repository
  • Developer Forums and Community