Welcome to the Qiniu Documentation! This comprehensive guide will help you integrate Qiniu cloud storage and CDN services into your application. Whether you are looking to store files securely in the cloud or deliver content seamlessly to your users, Qiniu has got you covered.

Table of Contents


To get started with Qiniu, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Qiniu account at https://www.qiniu.com/.
  2. Install the Qiniu SDK for your preferred programming language or platform.
  3. Configure your credentials for accessing Qiniu services.

Getting Started

This section will guide you through the initial setup process:

  1. Initialize the Qiniu SDK in your application.
  2. Authenticate your application with Qiniu using your access keys.

Uploading Files

In this section, you will learn how to upload files to Qiniu cloud storage. There are multiple ways to upload files:

  • Uploading files directly from your local machine
  • Uploading files from a remote server or URL
  • Streaming file uploads
  • Using the Qiniu API to upload files programmatically

Downloading Files

This section explains various methods for downloading files from Qiniu storage:

  • Downloading files using Qiniu URLs
  • Generating temporary download URLs
  • Streaming file downloads

Managing Files

Learn how to manage your files in Qiniu:

  • Renaming and moving files
  • Copying and duplicating files
  • Deleting files
  • Listing files in your storage

Using CDN

Discover how to accelerate content delivery to your users with the Qiniu CDN:

  • Configuring CDN for your Qiniu storage
  • Purging CDN cache

Advanced Usage

This section covers advanced features of Qiniu:

  • Customizing upload policies and token generation
  • Handling file metadata
  • Securing your data with private buckets


Here are some frequently asked questions about Qiniu:

  • Question 1: How can I increase the upload speed?
  • Question 2: What happens if I exceed my storage limit?
  • Question 3: Can I use Qiniu to serve dynamic content?
  • Question 4: How can I revoke access to specific files?

Congratulations! You are now ready to integrate Qiniu cloud storage and CDN services into your application. Explore the rest of the documentation for detailed instructions on each feature and functionality.