OcticonsKit is a Swift library that provides GitHub’s Octicons directly for your iOS application. With this powerful tool, developers can easily incorporate Octicons into their apps and projects. This guide will help you better understand its use, installation, and key features.


OcticonsKit was developed to give developers access to GitHub’s Octicon icons within their iOS frameworks effortlessly. This open-source Swift library allows these icons to be used in a Swift-developed iOS application.


OcticonsKit can be installed through either CocoaPods or Carthage, two popular dependency managers.

  • CocoaPods: In your Podfile, add the line pod 'OcticonsKit'.
  • Carthage: In your Cartfile, add the line github "nerdishbynature/octicons".


After installation, you can import OcticonsKit in your project. Once done, you are able to use the included Octicon enum to access any of the icons that GitHub provides.

Key Features

OcticonsKit offers numerous features beneficial to developers:

  • Seamless Integration: OcticonsKit integrates effortlessly into any Swift-based project.
  • Time-Efficient: With this library, developers can significantly reduce the time spent on adding icons manually.
  • Highly Customizable: Developers can easily change the size, color, and much more of the icons.
  • Accessible: All GitHub Octicon icons are readily available for use.


As an open-source project, OcticonsKit welcomes any contributions from the developer community. Please see the project’s GitHub repository for more details.


For any questions or feedback regarding OcticonsKit, please refer to the project’s GitHub page.