Welcome to the documentation page for ConnectPhantomAdapter – a powerful and flexible adapter for Connect CMS platform. ConnectPhantomAdapter allows seamless integration of external data sources and systems with Connect CMS, extending its functionality.


  • Effortlessly integrate external data sources and systems with Connect CMS
  • Sync and import data from various sources into Connect CMS
  • Extend the capabilities and functionality of Connect CMS easily
  • Efficiently manage and update external data within Connect CMS
  • Supports a wide range of data formats and protocols

Getting Started

To get started with ConnectPhantomAdapter, follow the steps below:

  1. Install ConnectPhantomAdapter by downloading it from the official Connect CMS marketplace or from the ConnectPhantomAdapter GitHub repository.
  2. Configure ConnectPhantomAdapter by specifying the necessary credentials and settings for your external data sources.
  3. Create the necessary mapping configurations to define how the external data will be imported and stored within Connect CMS.
  4. Use the provided API and hooks to interact with external data sources, fetch data, and sync it with Connect CMS.


ConnectPhantomAdapter provides a variety of methods and functions for managing external data within Connect CMS. Some common use cases include:

  • Importing and synchronizing product data from an e-commerce platform
  • Fetching and displaying real-time weather data on Connect CMS pages
  • Pulling user information from a CRM system and using it within Connect CMS
  • Integrating customer support ticketing systems

API Reference

Refer to the ConnectPhantomAdapter API reference for detailed information on all available methods, hooks, and configurations.


If you encounter any issues or errors while using ConnectPhantomAdapter, please refer to the troubleshooting guide:

  1. Check the ConnectPhantomAdapter documentation for any specific troubleshooting steps or known issues.
  2. Contact the ConnectPhantomAdapter support team for further assistance.


ConnectPhantomAdapter offers a seamless and powerful solution for integrating and managing external data within Connect CMS. With its extensive features and flexibility, ConnectPhantomAdapter empowers Connect CMS users to easily extend their platform’s capabilities and enhance their website’s functionality.