A drop-in MKAnnotation clustering library for iOS.

Update July 2, 2015

Kingpin is now 0.3.0-beta, the following features are under test:

  • Carthage support
  • OSX support (no animations support yet)
  • Dynamic frameworks: iOS and OSX
  • 4 example apps: iOS, OSX, iOS-Swift, OSX-Swift.

The latest stable release: 0.2.5


  • Uses a 2-d tree under the hood for maximum performance.
  • No subclassing required, making the library easy to integrate with existing projects.


Cocoa Pods

To get stable release in your Podfile add:

pod 'kingpin'

If you want to use the latest version from kingpin's master, point your Podfile to the git:

pod 'kingpin', :git => 'https://github.com/itsbonczek/kingpin'


See Documentation and FAQ.


See CHANGELOG for details. All versions are tagged accordingly.


Check out the kingpin-examples project.


Apache 2.0