Inherits from RACChannel : NSObject
Declared in RACKVOChannel.h


A RACChannel that observes a KVO-compliant key path for changes. Methods needed for the convenience macro. Do not call explicitly.


Other Methods

RACChannelTo Methods

Instance Methods


- (id)init


- (id)initWithTarget:(__weak NSObject *)target keyPath:(NSString *)keyPath nilValue:(id)nilValue

Initializes a channel that will observe the given object and key path.

The current value of the key path, and future KVO notifications for the given key path, will be sent to subscribers of the channel’s followingTerminal. Values sent to the followingTerminal will be set at the given key path using key-value coding.

When the target object deallocates, the channel will complete. Signal errors are considered undefined behavior.

This is the designated initializer for this class.

target - The object to bind to. keyPath - The key path to observe and set the value of. nilValue - The value to set at the key path whenever a nil value is received. This may be nil when connecting to object properties, but an NSValue should be used for primitive properties, to avoid an exception if nil is received (which might occur if an intermediate object is set to nil).

Declared In



- (RACChannelTerminal *)objectForKeyedSubscript:(NSString *)key


- (void)setObject:(RACChannelTerminal *)otherTerminal forKeyedSubscript:(NSString *)key