Inherits from NSObject
Declared in RACChannel.h


A two-way channel.

Conceptually, RACChannel can be thought of as a bidirectional connection, composed of two controllable signals that work in parallel.

For example, when connecting between a view and a model:

    Model                      View

leadingTerminal ——> followingTerminal leadingTerminal <—— followingTerminal

The initial value of the model and all future changes to it are sent on the leadingTerminal, and received by subscribers of the followingTerminal.

Likewise, whenever the user changes the value of the view, that value is sent on the followingTerminal, and received in the model from the leadingTerminal. However, the initial value of the view is not received from the leadingTerminal (only future changes).




@property (nonatomic, strong, readonly) RACChannelTerminal *followingTerminal

The terminal which “follows” the lead of the other terminal, only sending future values to the subscribers of the leadingTerminal.

The latest value sent to the leadingTerminal (if any) will be sent immediately to new subscribers of this terminal, and then all future values as well.

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@property (nonatomic, strong, readonly) RACChannelTerminal *leadingTerminal

The terminal which “leads” the channel, by sending its latest value immediately to new subscribers of the followingTerminal.

New subscribers to this terminal will not receive a starting value, but will receive all future values that are sent to the followingTerminal.

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