Inherits from MMWormholeFileTransiting : NSObject
Declared in MMWormholeSessionContextTransiting.h


This class provides support for the WatchConnectivity framework’s Application Context message reading and writing ability. This class will pass it’s messages directly via the -updateApplicationContext method, and read message values from application context.

This class also uses a local mutable dictionary for maintaining a more consistent version of your wormhole-based application context. The contents of the local dictionary are merged with the application context for passing messages. Clearing message contents on a wormhole using this transiting implementation will clear both the applicationContext as well as the local mutable dictionary.

This class should be treated as the default MMWormholeTransiting implementation for applications wanting to leverage the WatchConnectivity framework within MMWormhole. The application context provides the best of both real time message passing and baked in state persistence for setting up your UI.