Inherits from MIKMIDIEndpoint : MIKMIDIObject : NSObject
Declared in MIKMIDISourceEndpoint.h


MIKMIDISourceEndpoint represents a source (input) MIDI endpoint. It is essentially an Objective-C wrapper for instances of CoreMIDI’s MIDIEndpoint class which are kMIDIObjectType_Source type endpoints.

MIDI source endpoints are contained by MIDI entities, which are in turn contained by MIDI devices. MIDI sources can be connected in order to receive data from them using MIKMIDIDeviceManager’s -connectInput:error:eventHandler:virtualDestinations method.

Note that MIKMIDISourceEndpoint does not declare any methods of its own. All its methods can be found on its superclasses: MIKMIDIEndpoint and MIKMIDIObject.