Conforms to MIKMIDIResponder
Declared in MIKMIDIMapping.h


This protocol defines methods that that must be implemented by MIDI responder objects to be mapped using MIKMIDIMappingGenerator.


Instance Methods


- (MIKMIDIResponderType)MIDIResponderTypeForCommandIdentifier:(NSString *)commandID

The MIDI responder types the receiver will allow to be mapped to the command specified by commandID.

In the example given for -commandIdentifers, the “KnobBrowse” might be mappable to any physical knob, while BrowseUp, BrowseDown, and Load are mappable to buttons. The responder would return MIKMIDIResponderTypeKnob for @“KnobBrowse” while returning MIKMIDIResponderTypeButton for the other commands.



A command identifier string.

Return Value

A MIKMIDIResponderType bitfield specifing one or more responder type(s).

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- (NSArray *)commandIdentifiers

The list of identifiers for all commands supported by the receiver.

A MIDI responder may want to handle incoming MIDI message from more than one control. For example, a view displaying a list of songs may want to support commands for browsing up and down the list with buttons, or with a knob, as well as a button to load the selected song. These commands would be for example, KnobBrowse, BrowseUp, BrowseDown, and Load. This way, multiple physical controls can be mapped to different functions of the same MIDI responder.

Return Value

An NSArray containing NSString identifers for all MIDI mappable commands supported by the receiver.

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