Inherits from MIKMIDIEndpoint : MIKMIDIObject : NSObject
Declared in MIKMIDIDestinationEndpoint.h


MIKMIDIDestinationEndpoint represents a source (input) MIDI endpoint. It is essentially an Objective-C wrapper for instances of CoreMIDI’s MIDIEndpoint class which are kMIDIObjectType_Destination type endpoints.

MIDI destination endpoints are contained by MIDI entities, which are in turn contained by MIDI devices. MIDI messages can be outputed through a destination endpoint using MIKMIDIDeviceManager’s -sendCommands:toEndpoint:error: method.

Note that MIKMIDIDestinationEndpoint does not declare any methods of its own. All its methods can be found on its superclasses: MIKMIDIEndpoint and MIKMIDIObject.