Live SDK for iOS

version 5.6

1. Introduction

The Live SDK for iOS library is intended to help developers to easily integrate OneDrive into their iOS apps.

The repository here includes:

  • Live SDK Library source (src/LiveSDK/Library)
  • Live SDK framework (bin/
  • Samples (src/samples)

For questions on how to use the sdk visit

2. Reference the API

You can reference the iOS API in two ways.

2.2 To reference the iOS API source code directly

  • Open your iOS project in Xcode.
  • Click File > Add Files to "Your Project Name".
  • Go to and select the src/LiveSDK/Library folder under your local copy of the repository and then click "Add".
  • In your code file that you want to reference the API source code, add this import statement: #import "LiveConnectClient.h".

If you reference the iOS API source code directly and you use Xcode 4.2 or later, you must disable Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). This is because the Live SDK for iOS library source code uses manual reference counting. If you want to use ARC, you can either reference the iOS API framework by following the steps in the previous section(see 2.1), or do an ARC conversion on the library source code.

3. Documentation

Visit: and click the "Develop” link.

License Agreement

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