DKNightVersion is a light weight framework. It's mainly built through objc/runtime library and reflection, providing a neat approach adding night mode to your iOS app. A great many codes of this framework is automatically generated by Ruby script.

The most delightful feature of DKNightVersion is that it appends one more property nightColor to frequently-used UIKit components. It is easily-used and well-designed. Hope you have a great joy to use DKNightVersion to integrate night mode in your Apps.



pod "DKNightVersion", "~> 0.8.0"


Just add one line of code in your precompiled header, or import it where you need.

#import "DKNightVersion.h"

How to use

Using night color

DKNightVersion is based on property nightColor, such as nightBackgroundColor nightTextColor and etc.

Assign the night mode color you want to the UIKit component like this:

self.view.nightBackgroundColor = [UIColor blackColor];
self.label.nightTextColor = [UIColor whiteColor];

Using DKNightVersionManager change theme

Use DKNightVersionManager sets the theme.

[DKNightVersionManager nightFalling];

If you'd like to switch back to normal mode:

[DKNightVersionManager dawnComing];

It's pretty easy to swich theme between night and normal mode.

Make your own customize


nightFalling method will post DKNightVersionNightFallingNotification when it is called. Similarly, dawnComing will post DKNightVersionDawnComingNotification. You can observe these notification in proper place, and make your own customize easily.


If you want your own class changing color while switch theme.

You must add it to respondClasseses set. In the new version, in order to prevent subclass inheritance superclass's night color, I add respondClasseses set.

Use addClassToSet: or removeClassToSet: method to deal with it.

[DKNightVersionManager addClassToSet:self.class];
[DKNightVersionManager removeClassToSet:self.class];

If you don't add your own classes to this set, DKNightVersionManager will prevent it from changing color when switch theme.

Use respondClasseses to get all respond classes which will change color when nightFalling or dawnComing.

NSSet *set = [DKNightVersionManager respondClasseses];


There is a json file in Generator folder named property.json, you can add more color property, which will add night color to the corresponding property you want.


And run rake in terminal under folder Pods/DKNightVersion if you are using Cocoapods.

This ruby script is based on the Cocoapods components Xcodeproj. If there is a NoMethodError, you should install it first or run bundle install in DKNightVersion folder.

This command will automatically do everything for you.

Picking Color

DKNightVersionManager will pick the proper color following this rule.

nightColor > normalColor

But I suggest to assign every UIKit component a night color to prevent errors.


Feel free to open an issue or pull request, if you need help or there is a bug.


DKNightVersion doesn't support xib now. I am working on it.



DKNightVersion is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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