Inherits from NSObject
Conforms to DDLogFormatter
Declared in DDContextFilterLogFormatter.h


This class provides a log formatter that filters log statements from a logging context not on the whitelist.

A log formatter can be added to any logger to format and/or filter its output. You can learn more about log formatters here: Documentation/

You can learn more about logging context’s here: Documentation/

But here’s a quick overview / refresher:

Every log statement has a logging context. These come from the underlying logging macros defined in DDLog.h. The default logging context is zero. You can define multiple logging context’s for use in your application. For example, logically separate parts of your app each have a different logging context. Also 3rd party frameworks that make use of Lumberjack generally use their own dedicated logging context.



@property (readonly, copy) NSArray *whitelist

Instance Methods


- (void)addToWhitelist:(NSUInteger)loggingContext


- (instancetype)init


- (BOOL)isOnWhitelist:(NSUInteger)loggingContext


- (void)removeFromWhitelist:(NSUInteger)loggingContext